Old Notes and Updates

2011-09-22 Cleaned up archive in prepartion for new license data and a possible new full history planet dump.

2011-09-16 All files updated to license data from 2011-09-14

2011-09-15 European countries regenerated with the error fixed, all German states updated.

2011-09-14 Small bug in the "Damage summary" table, the European countries are being regenerated.

2011-09-14 Started update to current license data. All new tables will include the new edit based numbers, including a table indicating the number of objects that should not be affected at all by non-compliant mappers. Note: the numbers do not include the effects of splits ander mergers of ways, that are very hard to quantify.

2011-09-12 Added worldwide numbers to the Experimental section.

2011-09-11 All numbers are now generated from soft cut extracts.

2011-09-11 Added experimental data for a couple of countries that include data on the effect of non-CT-compliant edits, and include all creators and editors of objects that are still visible. NOTE: as the heading says, this data is EXPERIMENTAL and probably has a couple of issues.

2011-09-11 Added Faroe Islands, replaced some more hard cut extracts.

2011-09-10 Added French regions.

2011-09-08 Started updates with license data from today and started cleaning up the archive of old files.

2011-09-06 Added Canada.

2011-09-05 Added some futher asian countries.

2011-09-05 Added Iran, the polygon for the extract was generated from the osm boundary relation.

2011-09-04 Added China, Japan and Taiwan.

2011-09-04 Added some more European countries from soft cut extracts, Spain was inadvertently left out of the list, added back in again. Added Europe overall numbers.

2011-09-02 Regenerated Great Britain from a soft cut extract. Note that the numbers generated from the hard cut extracts can show slightly higher way and realation counts than actually exist. When the next full history planet file becomes available (mid-September) all extracts will be cut with the soft cut method and the artifacts will go away. Besides the countries and continents where it is noted, all German states were cut with the soft cut method.

2011-09-02 Added Africa, South-America, Central-America, updated Australia and New Zealand

2011-09-01 World updated, all (well two are still in the works) German states added

2011-09-01 All of Europe regenerated with current license data. Austria, Germany and Switzerland are now based on soft cut extracts.

2011-08-31 New versions of the statistics for Finland and Russia, now based on soft cut extracts that fix the relation count issue. The new files now contain a link per mapper that allows to query their current CT acceptance status, updated hourly.

2011-08-30 Added USA, numbers have been generated with a new script and haven't been extensively verified yet.

2011-08-30 Sorry for the problem accessing the files over the weekend and Monday, should be fixed now and everything reachable under odbl.poole.ch

2011-08-29 The current Russian numbers show an artifact probably due to the way the osm-history-splitter handles deleted empty relations. This is the reason for the high relation count for mapper usm78-gis (~315'000 vs 38 in the world file). The issue has been reported, but essentially boils down to the way the hardcut algorithm is implemented, supposedly this is better with the softcut version, which however needs even more resources.

2011-08-29 Colour coding added for summary table (just for newly generated table): red below 90%, orange below 95%, green above 95%.

2011-08-26 Added Austria, Belgium, Italy and Spain, more countries to be done over the next couple of days (creating the extracts is a rather slow process)

2011-08-26 Started move to polygon cut extracts based on the boundry polygons from GeoFabrik.

2011-08-24 Added Australia, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Poland and the United Kingdom

2011-08-23 World regenerated.

2011-08-23 Everything except the world stats has been redone.

2011-08-23 Germany updated to current full history planet dump. Note that I found a silly error that lead to to high counts for the summary "Unknown" status, the individual user numbers are correct. I'm regenerating the stats and will put them online asap.

2011-08-23 Various cosmetic improvements. I can now generate the extracts myself and will be adding some further regions.

2011-08-20 World back online, note that this is now based on the most recent full history dump.

2011-08-19 Germany back online.

2011-08-19 There was actually an error in the code that in some instances added deleted objects to the stats. Fixed now, Berlin stats have already been regenerated, Germany and World will be finished some time late this night.

Other changes: split relations with type=route from the rest, adjusted merit value. Stats are now based on the numeric uid and should in principle be correct over multiple login name changes.

2011-08-19 I'm currently investigating an issue with high relation counts in the world data from the January 2011 planet.